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Incredible service and an awesome band. Highly recommend!!
September 9 2017, John Malone
It's hard to put into words how absolutely amazing Clockwork New England was at our Newport, RI wedding. They were SO easy to work with, played the perfect mix of songs for the older crowd and younger crowd to keep everyone on the dance floor and had the energy sky-high from the first note until the last lyric. We also had a little bit of a medical situation at the beginning of the evening and they adjusted beautifully. We had to change the timeline of speeches, dinner and first dances and they were with us the whole way through, making it so seamless that very few guests even picked up on the fact that things were a little out of order. They even skipped their second break to make up for some of the lost partying in the early part of the night. Clockwork was an absolute joy to work with and took our wedding to a whole new level. I seriously can't recommend Clockwork New England enough. If you are having a wedding in the Boston/Newport area, you must MUST book these guys. Every guest will want to know "who was that BAND?!" by the end of the night.
September 8 2017, Justin White
AWESOME! That describes is a nutshell Clockwork at our daughters recent wedding. From the ceremony to the end of the reception the 7 members of the band were perfect. During the reception they absolutely energized the room. The dance floor was always packed and you could tell that everyone really enjoyed the music. Both of the vocalist and the sax player ventured onto the dance floor and interacted with everyone to the delight of the crowd. The feedback from our guests about the band after the wedding was also extremely positive. Based on our experience, we highly recommend Clockwork.
September 2 2017, Val Mandra (Parent of Bride)
How do I even begin?! Booking Clockwork was probably the best decision I made while planning my wedding. In fact, if you’re reading this review please stop and just book them because they are the best of the best in this business. I actually never saw them in person before signing a contract and booked them based on a variety of factors: responsiveness, price, incredible variety of music, youtube videos, recordings on their website, and Ron’s amazing customer service. I thought to myself, alright this is going to be pretty good. All the reviews look great, etc. WRONG. They are the absolute best. Seriously….if you are on the fence you will not be sorry. Two weeks later, I still have people complimenting and asking who the band was. It’s a pretty good indication of how the night will go when the dance floor was packed even before salads were served! They were high energy, played a variety of songs to pretty much make everyone from every generation happy, and DJ’d their own breaks. Even more so, the level of customer service Ron provides is a bride’s dream. Always available for a phone call or email I knew music was not something I had to worry about at my wedding. AMAZING! I literally cannot wait to attend another wedding where Clockwork plays or see them in the Boston area. So are you convinced!?…BOOK THEM! Thank you Clockwork for making our wedding an unforgettable experience for all! – Henry and Julia (Pelczarski) Gurney
August 26 2017, Julia Pelczarski
Clockwork put on an awesome party - great music, great emceeing, great entertainment! I want to have another party just to dance to their SHOUT again!
August 19 2017, Patrick Lowe
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